Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm an awful blogger

I just can't keep up. I read a ton of blogs but never update my own. Oh well, I'll keep trying. I do have more time now that I don't have class two nights a week since I decided grad school wasn't right for me currently.

So running - just been running on and off, dealing with some injuries. I'm in physical therapy for my shin and calf pain. I had a compartment syndrome test a few weeks ago and it was negative luckily. Hopefully PT helps and I'm ready to start marathon training later this month. I did run a Turkey Trot 5K but had an awful side stitch around 2.5 miles and had to stop since I couldn't stand up straight. Finished in like 27:55, which is the same as my PW. Oh well, I wasn't quite on pace for a new PR anyway. Dave got one though, which is awesome! I went out and ran another 5 miles that day since I was so unhappy with my race. Then we played football with Dave's family and I got to guard the 6 year old, well he can run fast and for a long time. We played for like 2 hours and I think I got another mile in with all the running haha. It was fun though.

I've started going to power yoga once a week and lifting twice a week, although I may try and increase the lifting to three times a week if I can. But then I wouldn't have a real rest day, so I'm not sure. I'm doing New Rules of Lifting for Women but only the lifting schedule not the diet part. Although my diet does need an overhaul ... but that's gonna wait until January, haha. 

In other news, Dave and I are apartment hunting and hopefully will find a place tomorrow and move in January 1st. We saw a great apartment on Wednesday that I love. It's 1 bedroom, huge living room with a dining area, nice sized kitchen, porch and it has a fitness room and laundry on the same floor. We also could have stacked laundry in our unit if we want. But Dave wants to see a few more apartments before we make a decision so we're going back tomorrow. I'm hoping the great apartment is still available! I'm so excited to move out and move in with Dave.

So lets see if I can be a better blogger again.

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