Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekly Recap 4/5-4/11

Monday 4/5 - 20 min Yoga for Runners and 35 minutes of abs and strength. Didn't have much soreness from the 19.25 miles the day before.
Tuesday 4/6 - 5.05 miles, 45:20, 8:59 pace. Did 6 hill repeats during the 2nd mile. Felt good. 15 minutes of strength.
Wednesday 4/7 - 45 min strength and intense foam rolling
Thursday 4/8 - 7 miles, 1:03:40, 9:06 pace. I ran the first 6 miles outside and then headed inside to my apartment's gym due to gastro issues. Bad move, the treadmill just aggravates my calf way too much, so instead of doing 4 on the TM and getting a total of 10 for the day, I only did 7.
Friday 4/9 - rest day!
Saturday 4/10 - 10.6 miles, 1:39:30, 9:24 pace. I dropped my Garmin on the sidewalk during the 3rd mile and it crapped out on me. Damn. I was improvising the route too and shooting for 10, so I'm glad I knew enough landmarks and the mileage from my apartment for them, so I got over 10 miles. I bought a new Garmin 310XT that afternoon. 60 min of power yoga and 20 min abs and strength in the evening.
Sunday 4/11 - 20.4 miles, 3:15:28, 9:35 pace. I felt decent during this long run. Headed out and it was overcast and pretty warm. I tackled about 4 hills in the first 5 miles and was feeling good. My foot had a nagging pain near the toes for most of the run though and I'm really hoping it's nothing like a stress fracture. I got down to the beach around 8 miles, ran about 2.25 miles out, stopped at CVS to buy a water to refill mine and the person in front of me had like grocery shopped in CVS and spent 100 dollars and took forever! That was an unexpectedly long break. Headed back down the beach, and then repeated the beach route again for mileage. I realized I had run a little more along the beach than needed when I got to my turn off spot with about 3 miles left, when the spot is 3.25 miles from home. Oh well, I'd run more. So I just ran until I got to the store past my apartment where I buy gatorade and that was 20.4 miles.
I feel awful though, my brother called twice during my run and I didn't answer because the number was weird. I rarely ever get to talk to him because he's stationed overseas (Marines) and I missed his calls. I want to cry because I really miss him and would have liked to talk to him. Ugh. I hope I get a call again soon.

Total miles: 43.1 miles, 6 hours and 44 minutes of running, 9:23 average pace
3 hours and 15 minutes yoga, strength and abs

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekly Recap 3/29 - 4/4

Monday, 3/29 - 4 mile recovery run on the treadmill. 40:05, 10:02  min/mile. Felt good.
Tuesday 3/30 - Abs. Just a quick workout.
Wednesday 3/31 - A little bit of strength training.
Thursday 4/1 - 9 miles, outside. Gorgeous evening. Ran along the beach which was so nice. 1:20:56, 9:00 min/mile. Did some strength training too.
Friday 4/2 - rest day.
Saturday 4/3 - 9 miles at MP. Started out too fast, didn't eat before my run so I bonked ugh. Really had to push myself to finish but I did it. The last 3 miles weren't at MP though unfortunately. 1:19:26, 8:50 min/mile.
Sunday 4/4 - 19.3 miles. I was determined to have a negative split on this run and to feel strong through out after yesterday's run. I got up at 5:20, had a piece of brown rice toast w/ pb and got ready. Headed out at 6, ran 9 miles at around 9:50 min/mile pace, stopped back at my house to switch water bottles and pee quickly at 9.75 miles and then headed out for the rest. I had 1 bottle of propel/nuun for the first 9.75 miles, then had a GU roctane during my pit stop. Brought another bottle of propel/nuun for the next 9.25 miles and had a pack of sprots beans between 14-16 miles. The second half of the run averaged about 9:25 pace with the 19th mile being sub 9. I felt so good and strong. When I was done, I felt soooo accomplished. It's my longest run yet! 3:05:00, 9:37 min/mile.

Weekly mileage:  41.3 miles, 9:21 min/mile average pace