Sunday, April 10, 2011

Long weekend

On Friday, my mom and I flew out of Boston at 6:15am, we got into NC around 10:15am. Then we hung out at the mall there and ate lunch. My brother picked us up around 12:45pm. Then we circled around Jacksonville, NC for about an hour fighting over which GPS direction's to take. Finally we settled that and headed out, back to Boston. After a long drive full of unhealthy food, loud music (thanks Cody), some fighting, rain, slow speed limits with cops all around and in a packed to the brim car, we made it back to Boston around 3:15am. I crawled into bed and didn't wake up until Saturday afternoon.

I was not up for any physical activity on Saturday, I was bone tired. So we just did some grocery shopping, relaxing and movie watching before heading to bed early.

I slept in again this morning, missing my yoga class. But sometimes sleep needs to win especially on a weekend with a long car ride with barely any sleep. When I did wake up, I got all my stuff together and headed to the Y to swim. I swam 1600 yards in about 45 minutes and felt the strongest I have felt since I started swimming. The lessons are really paying off it seems. I'm thrilled. After my swim, I went for a 1:05 bike ride, covering 16.05 miles. I got a bit lost in some neighborhoods on this ride but it was enjoyable just riding around and enjoying the gorgeous day. When I got back from my ride, my mom wanted me to run with her, so we did an easy 3 miles at a nice pace.

It was a good day of training to end the weekend on. I spent the afternoon resting, and watching the Masters. Now it's time to get ready for the week ahead. I hope it's a good training week.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A bit of a breakthrough

On Tuesdays I like to go to my Vinyasa Yoga class from 6-715. Now this can sometimes be hard since I work just over an hour away and I can't leave work until 5 most days. So yesterday, I managed to leave a 4:55 but it was raining so I wasn't sure I'd make it. Luckily I did, due mostly to my lead foot ;). Anyway, yoga was decent. I couldn't relax completely so I didn't get the best practice. Oh well, some days you do and some days you don't.

After yoga, I was agonizing about going to swim. I was exhausted and hungry. I was ready to just dial it in and head home. I even called Dave to debate it with him, luckily he pushed me to go and I went. I swam for just under 30 minutes, doing 1000 yards of backstroke and freestyle. 

My breakthrough is really two things, I suppose. One - that I didn't just give in and go home, skipping swimming. I've been lenient on myself too much recently and let myself skip planned workouts. I can't do that if I want to improve. My second breakthrough was trying bilateral breathing on free and realizing that although I always breath to the left, I actually have better technique with breathing to the right, so I'm going to really focus on bilateral breathing and my swimming technique in general for the next few months and worry less about speed and endurance. I've come to realize that in swimming, technique must come first because with bad technique you're never going to really get faster and build endurance. So during tomorrow's lesson I'm going to slow it down and really focus on the details. I believe it will pay off. 

I'm hoping to get outside for a brick tonight - short bike and short run - my first run in weeks! I hope it goes well. I'm trying my Saucony Kinvaras rather than Brooks Ghost since the Ghosts seemed to be hitting on a certain spot in my foot and repeatedly aggravating it the few times I've attempted to run since February's half marathon.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Good weekend of training

Friday: Went to a Vinyasa Yoga class from 8-910, which was great. I really enjoy Vinyasa and I have an excellent instructor. After yoga, it was off to the pool. I did 800 yards. I was exhausted after having swim class the night before but I felt pretty good. I even managed to circle swim with 2 other swimmers at one point and I didn't mess up haha. Besides training, I spent the rest of the day getting drug tested for one of the sites I work at, having lunch with my mom and then getting a pedicure with her. Dave and I went out that afternoon to watch the Sox home opener and then hung out at home with a friend that night.

On Saturday, I went to yoga for a 1.5 hour class in the morning. It wasn't as challenging as Friday's class but it was good. I had accupuncture and a massage on Saturday, both were awesome and much needed. Then my mom and I took the dog for a hike. I went out again Saturday night even though I was exhausted. 

Sunday, slept in a little and then headed to the pool. I did 1000 yards in 31 minutes, I felt pretty good today although I really need to get past the hump of only being able to swim 100 yards at a time. My breathing and endurance suck. I must get better if I want to swim 1/3 of a mile in less than 15 minutes during my July triathlon. I need to find out how to best breathe and really focus on it. After my swim, I biked outside! for an hour. I did about 14.4 miles in an hour, which is pretty decent I think considering I was on a hybrid bike not a road bike. 

Which brings me too - I was thinking about upgrading to a road bike this month since I want one. But now I'm thinking I should stick with the hybrid for my July triathlon and make sure I really do love triathlon before I move up to a road bike no matter how much I really do want a road bike now. If I wait, I can save up and get a nicer one which is a plus too. I'm not sure what I'll do - still mulling it over. 

My plan for this week is:

Monday: 1 hour spin class, maybe strength train
Tuesday: 1 hour, 15 min yoga class, 30-45 min swim
Wednesday: 1 hour bike ride, 30 min run (if my foot cooperates)
Thursday: 1 hour spin class, 45 min swim class
Friday: rest day - off to NC for the day. 
Saturday: possibly 1.5 hour yoga class if I'm not too tired, 1 hour bike, 30 min run (dependent on foot)
Sunday: 45 min swim, 1 hour run (dependent on foot)

Have a fabulous week!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Swimming and Motivation

Sometimes, I'm such a slacker and it's something I really hope to improve on. I didn't used to be this way. I practiced figure skating 6 days a week and hardly ever missed practice. There were no excuses, if I didn't feel like it, oh well, I had to suck it up and go. I need to get that attitude back.

This week, I planned on swimming Monday after spin class but I talked myself out of it since I would have to wait around for the lap lanes to open for 45 minutes and I felt bad that Dave had to wait on me. Then, I decided I'd swim yesterday at 8pm, so I went home after work and relaxed. Then I had to drop off a form for Dave's parents, which is conveniently near the Y I go to. But then we got to talking and I stayed there longer than I planned and I knew I had told Dave I'd have dinner ready for him when he got home, so I skipped swimming. I suck.

I will be swimming tonight since it's my class night, I also will go to spin before. I plan on swimming either Friday/Saturday or Friday/Sunday too. No excuses.

On a better note, I've been attending yoga relatively consistently over the month of March and I think it is really helping me relax, focus and spend time healing my body along with my mind. I'm really enjoying it and hope to continue to go 2-3 times each week.

Off to find some motivational quotes!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's been awhile

I'm a crappy blogger, oh well. But I'm doing something new to me this summer and I figured I'll maybe try to blog about it again. I know I won't be consistent and I may not stick with it but today I feel like trying. And this is my blog so I'm gonna write in it.

I'll be attempting my first triathlon this summer - a sprint triathlon on July 17th. It's a 1/3 of a mile swim, 9 mile bike and 5K run. I'm not too worried about the run or bike but I am concerned about the swim. I started swim lessons 3 weeks ago and seem to be progressing. I can swim about 100 yards consistently now and I'm hoping to start swimming 3-4x a week so that I can quickly increase that distance. Breathing seems to be my biggest issue when it comes to swimming, so that's my main focus these days.

I'm also in the process of researching a road bike that costs less than $1,000 to buy. I have a hybrid bike I have been using for awhile but I'd really like something a little faster for the triathlon. I'm also taking spin class 2-3x a week and using my trainer until the weather cooperates for outdoor riding.

My running is zilch right now. I ran a half marathon at the end of February and PRed but I also aggravated my left foot in the process, I think it's just a mild case of tendonitis but I'm giving it another week off since when I tried to run last week it didn't go great.

So that's where I am at now, we'll see how everything progresses over the next few months.