Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tufts 10K Race Report

Result: 50:36. Feeling: Disappointment.

So I had never run a 10K heading into Monday's race but I wanted to finished between 48min-52min, or so I said but secretly my goal was less than 50. I got up relatively late since the race isn't until 12pm. Headed over to the boyfriend's house after getting my stuff together and stopping at Dunkies. His two aunts were running as well, and we were driving in with his mom and 1 aunt and picking his grandmother and other aunt up at South Station. Headed in, the drive was easy, picked up everyone etc ... I finally decided to wear my old shoes after much debate. Got to the race, had to find our bib numbers and then go to number pickup. My line was extremely long, for some reason the line was 1-1500, whereas every other line seemed to be in groups of 500. Not sure why. Got our numbers and stuff. It was about 11:15 now. I visited the porta-potties twice and hung out. I took my salt before the race and then went and lined up in the middle of the 7 min mile group.

The race started and I felt ok, my stomach was bothering me and I was worried about my foot. But at the beginning there were a lot of people and it was really energetic. I also still had my Garmin on autolap and it always hit a mile marker before the official mile marker, which sucked. I started it right as I crossed the start line too, so I must have not run the tangents well. The following stats are from my Garmin:

Mile 1: 7:28
Mile 2: 7:29

I felt good but when I saw the numbers, it seemed a little too fast but I probably should have just ignored the numbers looking back now.

Mile 3: 7:59 

Trying to hold back a little and my stomach started really bothering me here. So I decided to stop at the porta-potty on the course, and then I still had to walk some after to try and get rid of a bad cramp.

Mile 4: 9:01 

That mile sucked. Includes porta-potty and walking.

Mile 5: 8: 19
Mile 6: 7:57 
.34 miles: 2:29 (7:24 pace) 

Decided I needed to just suck it up and run, so I did. My foot and stomach hated me but I finished. Not very pretty but I'll take it. I really wanted a sub 8 min/mile pace but my official min/mile pace is 8:09 even though my Garmin has me running further and at a sub 8 pace. I figure I ran wide on some turns and I didn't pause when I ran into and out of the porta-potty, so I was bound to have some extra mileage on there. I really wish I hadn't had to stop. Everyone I went with thought my time was great and it is, don't get me wrong, I just know I could have done better.

Next time, sub 50 for sure.


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

It is a good time to start with. Now you have a baseline and something to aim for next time. Subtract the potty stop and yucky stomach and you are there. Bad running days often fall on race days..sounds to me liked you sucked it up and performed like a champion. It is easy to run on a good running day, you proved you can pull it out regardless and you should be very proud of that!!

Hugs and congrats!

Baby Raine Drops said...

Sorry about your stomach acting up - that's the worst :( I'm sure you will go sub 50 next time!!