Sunday, December 6, 2009

Great 9 Miler!

I woke up this morning to a blanket of snow and I was actually really excited to get out there and run in it. I had planned 8-10 miles this morning and Dave and I had an appointment at 10:30, so I needed to be back by 9 to get ready and head out. So it was an early morning, I headed out around 7:30 and walked a little to warm up and then I started running. My goal on longer runs is to run 10:09-10:39 pace but I struggle with going that slow, even though I know LRs should be paced 60-90 secs slower than marathon pace and my GMP is 9:09 for a 4:00 marathon. Anyway, I've also been paying more attention to HR on runs, so this morning I was watching my pace and HR.

Mile 1: 9:51, 146 avg HR. Felt great, headed into the sun, was able to run in the road instead of the snowy sidewalks since it was so early out and there weren't too many cars.
Mile 2: 9:50, 164 avg HR. Headed past the pond and just took in the gorgeous morning. I was so comfortable in my black Nike tights, black Nike turtleneck, UnderArmour gloves and hat. I didn't get too hot and I was never cold. I did step in a puddle on this mile and my foot was a little chilly. I think I need some better socks.
Mile 3: 9:55, 165 avg HR. Up and down some rolling hills. I was running a new route which was hillier than I expected but I felt good. Stopped for a GU at the end of this mile since I hadn't eaten breakfast. I brought 2 GUs just in case but only needed one.
Mile 4: 10:06, 164 avg HR. Ran down Dave's street here, planned it that way in case I needed a bathroom stop but I didn't. Felt really good. His mom said she saw me later. One big hill in this mile. Finally closer to the right pace.
Mile 5: 9:49, 166 avg HR. Turned on to another main street, which was very rolling. Felt good, had to worry a little more about cars here, so jumping back and forth between street and the snow covered grass.
Mile 6: 9:51, 167 avg HR. Felt really good mostly, my back was getting tighter but not bad. Happy to have my new handheld water bottle at this point.
Mile 7: 9:52, 166 avg HR. Not much that I remember about this point in the run.
Mile 8: 9:47, 167 avg HR. Almost done, heading back into the sun. Felt great.
Mile 9: 9:14, 164 avg HR. Felt great at the end. Had to head past my house a little but it was ok because it gave me a cool down walk back. My right foot hurt a little bit but not too bad.

Total: 9.00 miles, 9:48 avg pace, 163 avg HR even though most were higher, I guess my first mile helped? 971 calories.

Came home and took a quick ice bath before showering and heading to apartment hunt with Dave. I thought we may choose an apartment today but we've actually reconsidered and may be buying instead! Probably around March/April, since we want to use the 8,000 tax credit. I'm so excited though. I just want to be closer to work and have an easier commute. I can't wait for us to move in together either.

Had to watch the Patriots lose this afternoon, which really sucked. I did nap through half time and some of the 3rd quarter since I was exhausted but I saw most of the game. I also had to get some work done for tomorrow, which is a good thing especially since I have PT tomorrow and will have to take a long lunch.

Have a great Sunday night!

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