Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Half Marathon Goals

Eeek, it's going to snow on Sunday! That's what I get for running a half marathon in New England in February, I suppose.

A Goal: Sub 1:48:00. McMillan Running Calculator thinks I can pull off 1:45:53. I disagree, so I'm giving myself two extra minutes for my pie in the sky, reach for it goal. I just don't think I have the mileage in training for a sub 1:46:00 right now.
B Goal: 1:48-1:51:59. I will be extremely happy with any time in this range. Preferably, sub 1:50:00 but I'd take sub 1:52:00 right now especially if the conditions are bad.
C Goal: 1:52:00-1:54:00. I'll take it but I won't be thrilled.
D Goal: A new PR (1:56:23 is my old one). I won't be very happy with anything over 1:54:00 though.

My PR was on a very hilly course, my long run going into it was a 10 miler the week before and I stopped twice for at least 3-4 minutes total during the race due to some foot issues.

This training cycle, I've done 2 10 milers, 1 11 miler, 2 12 milers, 1 13 miler, 1 14 miler and 1 15 miler and I've PRed by 3 minutes in the 10K and this course is supposedly much flatter. So if there is not decent improvement, yes I will be disappointed.

I need to start figuring out what to wear, what to pack for the weekend etc ... I'm so anxious for some reason and it doesn't help that I've been staying up to watch all the figure skating in the Olympics every night. The Ladies start tonight, so I definitely won't be going to bed early! I hope I don't sleep past my alarm tomorrow like I did this morning.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2/15 Training Week

This week was my second to last week of training before my Half Marathon (2/28) next weekend! It went really well overall and I'm feeling confident. I'm working on my goals for the Half and will update this week once I decide on them. I've looked at the 10 day weather forecast and it's not looking good, so I'm hoping that changes!

Here's a recap of this week

2/15 - 15.04 mile run 2:23:18 (9:32min/mile)  - recapped in previous post
2/16 - Lifting Day - 10 minutes on the stationary bike to warm up. Followed by: 2x12 squats (25lbs). 2x12 pushups. 2x12 dumbell rows (25lbs). 2x12 step ups (20lbs). 2x10 prone jacknife. Also did Week 3 Day 1 of hundred pushup challenge - pushup sets of 14, 18, 14, 14, 27.
2/17 - 3 mile run 27:40 (9:14 min/mile) on the treadmill, not a great run because I hate the treadmill but it got done. 20 minutes of foam rolling, using The Stick and a tennis ball for some spots.
2/18 - 5.10 mile tempo run 45:00 (8:50 min/mile), Mile 1 was warmup followed by Mile 2: 8:34, Mile 3: 8:27 and Mile 4: 8:08 and then cooldown for 1.1 miles. Not bad, felt pretty good increasing the speed each mile. I just wanted to get a feel for Half Marathon (8:15-8:20) pace.
2/19 - Rest day. Went out for Happy Hour after work to see a friend who is moving to CA this weekend. Then came home and crashed. I was exhausted.
2/20 - 5.20 mile run 46:17 (8:55min/mile). Nice easy run. Spent two miles trying to pass another runner in front of me and finally did and stayed ahead :). I needed something to focus on since my heart wasn't really in the run for some reason.
2/21 - 11 mile longish run 1:42:38 (9:20min/mile). Really good last long run before the Half. I ran down to the beach, which was soooo windy but the sun was out so it wasn't bad. I started in capris, a short sleeve tee, new lululemon arm warmers and my Brooks jacket. I had my Brooks jacket off for about half of the run though when I was out of the wind. I ran the last mile in 8:06 as I decided to see if I would be okay for half marathon pace at that time and it felt great. My last mile includes a decent sized hill too. 

Week: 39.3 miles 6:04:54 time spent running.

I hope my good feeling carries into next weeks half!

Monday, February 15, 2010

15 Mile Run

I have a mileage PR - 15.04 miles :). I did it this morning, luckily I have today off so that I could get out there for my long run.

I ran 3.38 miles on Saturday morning. I was supposed to do 5 miles but Dave's little sister had a swim meet that we were going too, so I didn't have much time. Still, they were good, fast miles so I was okay with it. We spent the rest of the morning at the swim meet sitting on some awful benches. So uncomfortable. Then Saturday night, I headed into the city to see a friend who is moving across the country next week. There were about 8 of us and we just hung out in a friend's hotel room watching the Olympics and catching up. I was debating whether I'd do my 15 miles the next morning or wait until Monday since I had it off. I only had one glass of wine since I wasn't sure. But then I stayed out later than I planned, still not too late, only 12:15ish since I had to rely on public transportation and it stops running at a certain point. So by the time I got home, I figured I'd just go to bed and see how I felt when I woke up.

I didn't feel too great when I woke up, I was just tired and blah. Then my hamstring started randomly cramping, so I decided to wait a day. Dave's hamstrings were bothering him too, so we're blaming it on the awful benches from the swim meet. We just hung out together yesterday, did a little shopping and then I napped before watching the Pairs short program of the Olympics. Went to bed as soon as it was over so that I could get a decent nights sleep.

I got up and headed out around 8:15 this morning. I'm living in a new area so I had mapped out a run to try but I knew it wasn't 7.5 out so I'd have to do some improvising. I headed out and 3.3 miles later, I was at the water! I was sooo excited to run along the water. I ran out about 3 miles and then back stopping once to take some sports beans and to text Dave to turn on the ice maker since I had forgotten! Then I decided to go past where I had turned onto the water but that didn't work out so well since it went to a major road that didn't seem to safe. So I turned around, crossed the street and ran back along the water but on the opposite side which had a nice trail that weaved in and out of some woods and park. I took some more sports beans now. Turned around at 10.6ish miles and finally when I got back to the road I came in on it was time to head back. Finished up the last 3.3 miles, which included a huge hill with about .5 miles left! That was a killer.

I'll have to take my camera with me next time because there are a lot of nice views from the water, especially since I could see a lot of Boston as I ran. I love the route down there, so I think in the future I'll just plan to do that part of the run 2x instead of going elsewhere to add miles. 

Total: 15.04 miles, 2:23:18, average pace 9:31 min/mile (with a nice negative split!), average HR 161bpm

I made sure to stretch a lot and then I took a nice 20 minute ice bath. Eeek, I shivered for awhile after that! But now I feel great. I do have a few blisters but they are recurring ones not new ones. I'm planning on trying out some new shoes after my half in two weeks to find a blister solution.

Now it's time for chilling on my couch and watching the Olympics. I love the Olympics sooo much.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ugh speedwork.

For my Thursday runs I've been trying to do some type of speedwork just to get my legs moving faster. Today I had 6x800 planned at about 3-5k pace. I got on the treadmill after staying at work late and I was already exhausted and frustrated but I was determined to get my 7 miles in, even though my legs have been rebelling against the treadmill lately, I had no choice since it was dark and icy out by the time I got home. I wish there was a track near me that was lit as that would be a nice change of scene. Anyway, I got on the treadmill and warmed up for 1.25 miles and then did my first 800 @ 7:13 pace. Ugh. I was already struggling. Did a 400 recovery then for the next 800 I went a little slower, about 7:20 pace. I got through it. Then another one, this one only at about 7:30 pace. After my next rest interval I went to up the speed and just couldn't do it. My legs were fighting me and since I have a half in 2 weeks, I decided to listen to them and just finish the 7 miles at least. So I only did 3x800. But it's something I guess.

I'm struggling to recover from Sunday's 10K. More than I expected. Oh, and I know my mile times posted in the race report probably don't make sense for a 47:35 finish but my Garmin was off. Which is normal for Garmins. It was about .10 of a mile short. At first I thought the course would be short but they had it mapped on MapMyRun and it was 3.1 (it was a 2 loop course) and I repeated it in Gmaps Pedometer to verify and it was 3.1 miles there too. So, I think it was just my Garmin that was off. I have to always remind myself that that is possible and not to rely on paces from my Garmin too much.

So, since I'm struggling to recover and my back and legs are bothering me, I decided it would be a good idea to ice bath tonight! Eeeek it was an extra cold ice bath but it was much needed! I at least got to talk to my brother through email during it on my Blackberry. He's stationed overseas so it's always nice when I get a chance to chat with him! It's morning there, so it works out perfectly when he's on email and I'm at home chilling.

Not much else to report. I'm going to try Bikram Yoga tomorrow night. I'm excited. Dave's going with me too. And then I have 5 miles scheduled for Saturday and 15 miles for Sunday. 15 miles will be my longest run ever! I have to figure out a route because there is no way I am doing it on the treadmill like I did for my 14 miler two weeks ago.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Finished my 10K in 47:35 today. Made it in 1:25 under my goal.

I got up this morning around 8:15 and had a Luna bar and got everything ready. It was frigid this morning but I wanted to wear capris since I hate tights, they restrict my calves too much and my calves are what cause most of my problems. So I decided to go with the capris and bring a pair of tights in case I changed my mind. On top, I wore a base layer long sleeve C9 tee, then a Nike Drifit Fleece on top and my Brooks jacket over it. I wore a bright pink lululemon ponytail hat, SmartWool socks and my UnderArmour gloves. Haha, I seem to have had every brand I own on this morning. My boyfriend and I left around 8:55 for the race since I had picked up our numbers yesterday. Ate a banana on the way. We got there around 9:20 and walked around for a few then sat in the car warming up for awhile before jogging for about 10 minutes to get warm enough to stretch. The race was supposed to start at 10AM so we lined up at 9:50ish and stood there for awhile. It didn't start until about 10:10.

Mile 1: 7:50. Had to weave in and out a lot at the beginning since a lot of slower people started at the beginning. Dave was ahead of me at this point, so I caught up and ran with him for awhile. Felt really good here. The sun was shining and I was getting pretty warm. So thankful for my sunglasses since it was bright today!
Mile 2: 7:47. This mile was half into the wind and that was not fun. The course was right on the water which definitely made it even worse. Felt fine here too.
Mile 3: 7:54. Had a really narrow part of the race on this mile and it was right on the water and very windy!
First 5K split: 23:59. About 25 seconds off of my 5K PR. Not bad!
Mile 4: 7:52. A lot of switching back and forth between negative thoughts and positive ones. I have to be better with the positive self talk. My left calf was starting to bother me but wasn't too bad. Convinced myself that I was strong and I would not stop and walk at all.
Mile 5: 7:55. Back into the wind. Hard but not too bad. My left foot was a little tingly now.
Mile 6: 7:49. Felt really good and just kept pushing.
.2: 7:37 pace but I forgot to turn off my Garmin right away so I think it was faster.

My Garmin has 47:45 as my time but the official race time is 47:35! Nice, I think I started it a little early and then forgot to turn it off right away.

I'm so happy with this result and I hope my good training will carry me to a 1:50 half marathon in 3 weeks!

After the race, Dave and I met up with my mom and cousin who is in town for brunch. It wasn't great and I was freezing from being sweaty and then being in the cold not moving before we went in for brunch but I was still so happy plus it was good to see my cousin again one more time before he headed back to NYC.

So, I had a great weekend and a great race!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Quick Update

I have my first race of 2010 this weekend. I'm running this 10K: http://bostonrunner.com/ss2010info.php. I'll be sure to post a race report. My goal is sub 49:00. I really want it and I'm going to push as hard as I can and fight to the finish. I don't think I've ever given it my all in a race, so this one I will be. Plus, I want to get an idea of my fitness to make a goal for my upcoming Half Marathon.

Quick recap of the year so far:

Total miles: 137.7 miles

January miles: 126.6 miles
January 1-3: 17 miles
January 4-10: 27 miles
January 11-17: 21 miles
January 18-24: 29.5 miles
January 25-31: 32 miles

February miles: 11.1 miles
February 1-7: 11.1 miles so far, probably will add 2 tomorrow morning and about 8 on race day for a total of 21.1 miles 

Doing pretty good so far this year, can't wait to see what happens Sunday!