Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mile splits from the half

Just posting my mile splits from Saturday's half.

Mile1: 8:34
Mile 2: 8:11
- went out a lot faster than I had planned on
Mile 3: 8:46
Mile 4: 9:49
- lots of stopping to retie and adjust this mile
Mile 5: 9:17
Mile 6: 8:57
Mile 7: 8:50
Mile 8: 8:56
- finally some consistency 
Mile 9: 8:31
Mile 10: 9:09
Mile 11: 9:14
Mile 12: 9:00
Mile 13: 8:32
Last .17(according to my Garmin it was .17 not .10): 7:23 pace

I really need to work on maintaining a steadier pace but I think the hills and stops really contributed to my inconsistency. I also need to work on starting a little slower but adrenaline makes that really hard.

Next up: back to running tomorrow night. I start Marathon training October 19th so until then it's speedwork and semi long runs. I'm doing a 5k September 26th and a 10k October 12th.

Have a good day!

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Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I ALWAYS go out too fast and then can never get negative splits.. I really need to work on that too. And Hills kill me....I need lots of trainig for that.

Overall I would say you are very consistent.