Monday, April 4, 2011

Good weekend of training

Friday: Went to a Vinyasa Yoga class from 8-910, which was great. I really enjoy Vinyasa and I have an excellent instructor. After yoga, it was off to the pool. I did 800 yards. I was exhausted after having swim class the night before but I felt pretty good. I even managed to circle swim with 2 other swimmers at one point and I didn't mess up haha. Besides training, I spent the rest of the day getting drug tested for one of the sites I work at, having lunch with my mom and then getting a pedicure with her. Dave and I went out that afternoon to watch the Sox home opener and then hung out at home with a friend that night.

On Saturday, I went to yoga for a 1.5 hour class in the morning. It wasn't as challenging as Friday's class but it was good. I had accupuncture and a massage on Saturday, both were awesome and much needed. Then my mom and I took the dog for a hike. I went out again Saturday night even though I was exhausted. 

Sunday, slept in a little and then headed to the pool. I did 1000 yards in 31 minutes, I felt pretty good today although I really need to get past the hump of only being able to swim 100 yards at a time. My breathing and endurance suck. I must get better if I want to swim 1/3 of a mile in less than 15 minutes during my July triathlon. I need to find out how to best breathe and really focus on it. After my swim, I biked outside! for an hour. I did about 14.4 miles in an hour, which is pretty decent I think considering I was on a hybrid bike not a road bike. 

Which brings me too - I was thinking about upgrading to a road bike this month since I want one. But now I'm thinking I should stick with the hybrid for my July triathlon and make sure I really do love triathlon before I move up to a road bike no matter how much I really do want a road bike now. If I wait, I can save up and get a nicer one which is a plus too. I'm not sure what I'll do - still mulling it over. 

My plan for this week is:

Monday: 1 hour spin class, maybe strength train
Tuesday: 1 hour, 15 min yoga class, 30-45 min swim
Wednesday: 1 hour bike ride, 30 min run (if my foot cooperates)
Thursday: 1 hour spin class, 45 min swim class
Friday: rest day - off to NC for the day. 
Saturday: possibly 1.5 hour yoga class if I'm not too tired, 1 hour bike, 30 min run (dependent on foot)
Sunday: 45 min swim, 1 hour run (dependent on foot)

Have a fabulous week!

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