Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A bit of a breakthrough

On Tuesdays I like to go to my Vinyasa Yoga class from 6-715. Now this can sometimes be hard since I work just over an hour away and I can't leave work until 5 most days. So yesterday, I managed to leave a 4:55 but it was raining so I wasn't sure I'd make it. Luckily I did, due mostly to my lead foot ;). Anyway, yoga was decent. I couldn't relax completely so I didn't get the best practice. Oh well, some days you do and some days you don't.

After yoga, I was agonizing about going to swim. I was exhausted and hungry. I was ready to just dial it in and head home. I even called Dave to debate it with him, luckily he pushed me to go and I went. I swam for just under 30 minutes, doing 1000 yards of backstroke and freestyle. 

My breakthrough is really two things, I suppose. One - that I didn't just give in and go home, skipping swimming. I've been lenient on myself too much recently and let myself skip planned workouts. I can't do that if I want to improve. My second breakthrough was trying bilateral breathing on free and realizing that although I always breath to the left, I actually have better technique with breathing to the right, so I'm going to really focus on bilateral breathing and my swimming technique in general for the next few months and worry less about speed and endurance. I've come to realize that in swimming, technique must come first because with bad technique you're never going to really get faster and build endurance. So during tomorrow's lesson I'm going to slow it down and really focus on the details. I believe it will pay off. 

I'm hoping to get outside for a brick tonight - short bike and short run - my first run in weeks! I hope it goes well. I'm trying my Saucony Kinvaras rather than Brooks Ghost since the Ghosts seemed to be hitting on a certain spot in my foot and repeatedly aggravating it the few times I've attempted to run since February's half marathon.

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