Sunday, February 7, 2010


Finished my 10K in 47:35 today. Made it in 1:25 under my goal.

I got up this morning around 8:15 and had a Luna bar and got everything ready. It was frigid this morning but I wanted to wear capris since I hate tights, they restrict my calves too much and my calves are what cause most of my problems. So I decided to go with the capris and bring a pair of tights in case I changed my mind. On top, I wore a base layer long sleeve C9 tee, then a Nike Drifit Fleece on top and my Brooks jacket over it. I wore a bright pink lululemon ponytail hat, SmartWool socks and my UnderArmour gloves. Haha, I seem to have had every brand I own on this morning. My boyfriend and I left around 8:55 for the race since I had picked up our numbers yesterday. Ate a banana on the way. We got there around 9:20 and walked around for a few then sat in the car warming up for awhile before jogging for about 10 minutes to get warm enough to stretch. The race was supposed to start at 10AM so we lined up at 9:50ish and stood there for awhile. It didn't start until about 10:10.

Mile 1: 7:50. Had to weave in and out a lot at the beginning since a lot of slower people started at the beginning. Dave was ahead of me at this point, so I caught up and ran with him for awhile. Felt really good here. The sun was shining and I was getting pretty warm. So thankful for my sunglasses since it was bright today!
Mile 2: 7:47. This mile was half into the wind and that was not fun. The course was right on the water which definitely made it even worse. Felt fine here too.
Mile 3: 7:54. Had a really narrow part of the race on this mile and it was right on the water and very windy!
First 5K split: 23:59. About 25 seconds off of my 5K PR. Not bad!
Mile 4: 7:52. A lot of switching back and forth between negative thoughts and positive ones. I have to be better with the positive self talk. My left calf was starting to bother me but wasn't too bad. Convinced myself that I was strong and I would not stop and walk at all.
Mile 5: 7:55. Back into the wind. Hard but not too bad. My left foot was a little tingly now.
Mile 6: 7:49. Felt really good and just kept pushing.
.2: 7:37 pace but I forgot to turn off my Garmin right away so I think it was faster.

My Garmin has 47:45 as my time but the official race time is 47:35! Nice, I think I started it a little early and then forgot to turn it off right away.

I'm so happy with this result and I hope my good training will carry me to a 1:50 half marathon in 3 weeks!

After the race, Dave and I met up with my mom and cousin who is in town for brunch. It wasn't great and I was freezing from being sweaty and then being in the cold not moving before we went in for brunch but I was still so happy plus it was good to see my cousin again one more time before he headed back to NYC.

So, I had a great weekend and a great race!



EricaH said...

Congrats on beating your goal time. A great race, the Saints winning the Super Bowl pretty good weekend all around in my book. :)

Tricia said...

congrats, thats awesome!

ashley said...

congrats, ashley!!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

SOOO AWESOME. The 10K is TOUGH.. I think you have a 1:50 in you for sure.