Sunday, February 21, 2010

2/15 Training Week

This week was my second to last week of training before my Half Marathon (2/28) next weekend! It went really well overall and I'm feeling confident. I'm working on my goals for the Half and will update this week once I decide on them. I've looked at the 10 day weather forecast and it's not looking good, so I'm hoping that changes!

Here's a recap of this week

2/15 - 15.04 mile run 2:23:18 (9:32min/mile)  - recapped in previous post
2/16 - Lifting Day - 10 minutes on the stationary bike to warm up. Followed by: 2x12 squats (25lbs). 2x12 pushups. 2x12 dumbell rows (25lbs). 2x12 step ups (20lbs). 2x10 prone jacknife. Also did Week 3 Day 1 of hundred pushup challenge - pushup sets of 14, 18, 14, 14, 27.
2/17 - 3 mile run 27:40 (9:14 min/mile) on the treadmill, not a great run because I hate the treadmill but it got done. 20 minutes of foam rolling, using The Stick and a tennis ball for some spots.
2/18 - 5.10 mile tempo run 45:00 (8:50 min/mile), Mile 1 was warmup followed by Mile 2: 8:34, Mile 3: 8:27 and Mile 4: 8:08 and then cooldown for 1.1 miles. Not bad, felt pretty good increasing the speed each mile. I just wanted to get a feel for Half Marathon (8:15-8:20) pace.
2/19 - Rest day. Went out for Happy Hour after work to see a friend who is moving to CA this weekend. Then came home and crashed. I was exhausted.
2/20 - 5.20 mile run 46:17 (8:55min/mile). Nice easy run. Spent two miles trying to pass another runner in front of me and finally did and stayed ahead :). I needed something to focus on since my heart wasn't really in the run for some reason.
2/21 - 11 mile longish run 1:42:38 (9:20min/mile). Really good last long run before the Half. I ran down to the beach, which was soooo windy but the sun was out so it wasn't bad. I started in capris, a short sleeve tee, new lululemon arm warmers and my Brooks jacket. I had my Brooks jacket off for about half of the run though when I was out of the wind. I ran the last mile in 8:06 as I decided to see if I would be okay for half marathon pace at that time and it felt great. My last mile includes a decent sized hill too. 

Week: 39.3 miles 6:04:54 time spent running.

I hope my good feeling carries into next weeks half!