Monday, August 30, 2010

Trail Running

I did my first trail run this morning. It was a great new experience. OMG are there some hills in those trails and lots of roots! It was fun but hard especially as my first real run in a week. It ended up being a pretty short run since I just wanted to test my foot and see if the softer surface helped it. I'm happy to report that my foot was feeling fine and that I got a great workout in, with some nice views.

View overlooking the marsh.
Another body of water along the trail.

Next time I run this trail, I'll have to get some pictures of the hills! They really got my heartrate up today.

Run stats:
2.79 miles
30:00 min
10:46 min/mile
Average HR: 147bpm
Max HR: 176bpm

1 comment:

Thomas said...

Nice work out there. Remember, hills are your friends they will make you a stronger runner. They say "Hills are speed work in disguise." :)